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Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Find Free Books

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a bookworm. From the summer book programs to required school reading, I’ve loved turning the pages through each adventure. Not to mention, I started my own personal book collection in my late teens. Now, I have a small library of books I want to pass on to my future children someday.

If the cost of buying at the local book shop keep you from adding to your own library, you may be interested in knowing there are multiple outlets where you can earn book for free! Here are my tips below:

Book Review Programs
This has been one of my personal favorites! And I can’t believe how many there available on the internet. The gist of these programs may change in rules, but for the most part you are asked to review a certain book in exchange you get to keep in. Sometimes, the reviews are shared on your own blog, or you simply rate it through their system. Some of the most popular book review programs that I’ve found useful have been Book Sneeze, Blogging for Books and Bethany House Publishers.

When I first joined good reads, my intention was to simply use it to categorize what I currently own. However, after using it a while, I realized it was also a great place for book introductions and earning free titles. There are many authors who will post about their book and then send out free copies to selected individuals. Sometimes there are only a few copies, while others offer copies until they run out, etc.

Paperback Swap
While this particular web site has been around for some time, I find many people who have yet to hear of it, much less use it. Basically, you get to trade your unwanted books for ones that you would prefer owning. You also get credit right away, just for signing up. Last year, I earned over five titles for less than $6 (all due to shipping costs, no purchases!)

Swagbucks is another fun way to earn free books. You can swap for titles that you want, or save up your Swagbucks to purchase titles, etc. While it may take a while to earn, it is certainly worth it if you are able to snag hard to find titles!

Host A Book Swap
Do you have a small group of friends or church family that may be interested in participating in a book swap? Secure a time and place, then set up tables to host the books. Allow each participate to have one “book buck” for each item they bring for the swap. Usually, it’s best to have a minimum amount they can bring, so everyone walks away with a few finds!

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