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Monday, February 6, 2012

Property Room Review

I recently heard about an online sight called property room. On the website, they auction off items that were confiscated in police raids. Products include everything from cell phones to cars, and the website is growing steadily in popularity. So, I decided that this might be something worth checking out. Here's what I found when I did:

  • Shipping Costs are High
  • Multiple Claims of broken electronics and cheap jewlery
  • Due to high bidders, the costs are often close to what you would find on a website such as Ebay.

On the flip side, there have been many positive reviews about customers who were:

Happy with the price and thrilled with their product.

If you do decide that property room is the place for you, I would recommend that you read all of the descriptions below the product and make sure it has been tested, compare your product on Ebay, and/or Amazon, and make sure to calculate your shipping into your bid. You can look at their merchandise here:

Happy Saving!

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