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Swagbucks: An easy way to earn the dough

This is a free search engine where you earn virtual dollars to get gift certificates or buy electronics in their store. I was really wary at first, but I've done a LOT of reasearch, and this one is legit.

Tips for starting your swagbucks:

The first step: Sign up here and immediately download their free search engine. Instead of using google to do your searches, use this to earn free and easy swagbucks just for using their engine (usually you win an average of 30 swagbucks a day doing this)

Easy Swagbucks: The easiest ways to earn extra swagbucks are:

--Watch swagbucks television and earn points for watching ads

--Do their daily poll that takes literally 5 seconds to complete (1 swagbuck)

--NOSO offers: If you follow their ad trail and push skip offers about five times you can get swagbucks without having to click on any of the offers. It's a pretty easy and fast way to earn swagbucks: 20 seconds (2-3 swagbucks).

--Stay logged in! You can't earn any swagbucks without being logged in. The easiest way to do this is to stay logged in.

*Note: There are other/faster ways of earning swagbucks that require free trial sign ups, or buying products. My reccomendation would be to stay far away from these and just stick to the slow easy road. Remember, you are trying to SAVE money, not spend it!

--Refer your friends: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to earn extra points is to refer your friends. You can earn some of their points for up to 1,000 swagbucks. This can really add up.

--Keep in mind this isn't a get rich quick scheme: It takes a LONG time to earn anything too substantial on this website, so be patient and think of it as a few extra dollars for easy earning, not an income suppliment.

If you would like to join Swagbucks, check it out here: