Finding New and Creative Ways to Make and Save Money Every Day


Have some items you think will sell well on Ebay? Here are a few tips I've collected on how to make money on Ebay.
Tips for Ebay; what I've learned about sucessful Ebay sales:

--Start all the bidding at night: the time you start it is the time it will end. You want the final bids to be later in the evening so that you have people online to bid!

--Offer free shipping: It might feel like a loss, but it's psychological. People will shell out the dough to make up the difference, despite the fact that they would be paying the same without it.

--Start at a low bid. Make sure your products are wanted so that you can start it at a low bid. The money will begin to grow, but you need that initial incentive to get people to start that bidding. This only works on products that are in high demand, however, otherwise you might lose money.

--Look up past products that have sold: in the advanced section on search you can see the past products that have sold vs. ones that have not. Look at the names on the titles and use those words in your titles. These are the words that are more likely to be hits on searches.

--Leave the bid open for a good amount of time and end it on a good day: The longer the bid, the more time you give bidders to pay out. Also, it seems that there are good and bad days for ending bids. Do the research on your product, but Tuesdays and Thursdays seem to be good end days from what I've read.

--Lots of pictures: people want to see every angle of what they are buying. It's worth the extra 45 cents to get the extra $10

--Finally, be reliable and sell your expensive stuff later: Sell your cheapest items first and use them to build credentials. People will be more willing to buy expensive items from a trusted seller who has high ratings on ebay.