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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do I have to stop buying clothes?

I love clothes. That's why I have to be smart about how much I spend on my clothes. Someday when I'm rich because I've been smart with my money I will shop for those $300 dollar BKE jeans (Sigh). For now, I have a few website suggestions for those who love clothes, too. I've ordered from all of these websites and have been very happy with the results:

599fashion (Everything here is $6 or under)
10dollarmall/ (Everything here is $10 or under)
15dollarstore  (Everything here is $15 or under)

A few websites that I haven't ordered from yet that seem to have good deals are (Clothes under $15) (Cheap boots, but keep in mind that the shipping might be a little more) (Accessories under $10) (Almost everything here is under $15) (This is a link to some miscelanious women's items under $25 including cute work out outfits!) (Everything here $15 or under!)

Happy Saving!
If you have stores you would like to add to the list feel free and tell us about them in the comments!

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