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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Way to Make the Dough: Paparazzi Jewlery Kits

Throw a Paparazzi Jewlery Party!
(Very inexpensive and cute jewlery)

starterKit Getting Started

I don't like to spend very much on jewlery, and that's why I've always enjoyed going to Paparazzi parties that my friends have thrown. I've gotten some VERY cute jewlery. However, this can also be a great supplimental income for those needing to make a few extra dollars.

IF you're serious about it.

Here's the link where you can pick up your first starter kit for $300. Most of the jewlery I've seen has sold for about $5 a piece which can make this a pretty easy selling point!

Here's the link:

Happy Earning!

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